Growing Urban Orchards - FULL e-Book (111 Pages)

Susan Poizner
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You’d think growing fruit trees would be easy. You just plant them, water them, and wait for the harvest, right? Well, that’s not quite the case. Fruit trees are delicate and need hands-on care, especially when planted in the challenging urban environment.

In this book, community orchardist Susan Poizner teaches you everything you need to know to grow fruit trees in the city, from choosing the right tree to pruning, feeding and protecting your tree from pests and disease.

Thinking of planting a fruit tree? This book will save you time and money and allow you to grow fruit trees successfully, right from the start.

This book is the recipient of the Silver Award of Achievement for the 2014 Garden Writers Association Media Awards Program 2014 (Books: General Readership)

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“Susan Poizner is the perfect guide to lead novices and experts alike through the opportunities and challenges of growing fruit trees in the city. With a tone that’s seasoned, reassuring and refreshingly clear, Poizner provides tips, tools, and a treasure-trove of practical information.”

– Lorraine Johnson, author of City Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing and The New Ontario Naturalized Garden.

"If you thought a tree was just a tree, this book will expand your mind into the multi-functional and multi-dimensional category of fruiting trees. For shade, atmospheric cooling, community gathering and, of course, for food. Susan Poizner knows of what she writes."

-Mark Cullen, best-selling author and horticultural consultant.

“Look no further for an indispensable guide to growing fruit trees – this is it. Susan Poizner doesn’t cover only the how-to, she tells you why certain techniques work, and includes stories from professional and amateur growers in Canada and the U.S.”

– Liz Primeau, author of Front Yard Gardens: Growing More Than Grass.

“To grow a fruit tree is an act of beauty and community that connects us to this planet we call home. Susan Poizner prepares you for this task by explaining the science, the technique and everything else you need to know to get started. It’s obvious that this invaluable book is inspired by the joy of growing fruit.”

– Sarah Elton, bestselling author of Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet.

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Growing Urban Orchards - FULL e-Book (111 Pages)

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